HubController Trial.

Over the period 2017 to 2020, we conducted the largest study of its kind in collaboration with the Sustainable Energy Authority of Ireland. The trial involved 800 Irish households using natural gas for heating. We monitored the energy usage of homes with a Hub Controller disguised as smart thermostat for a year. After that, we compared their usage to the energy usage of homes without a Hub Controller.

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How it Started?

We needed to prove that AER disguised as smart thermostat reduces energy consumption and carbon emissions. We, therefore, conducted the largest trial of its kind in Ireland.

Hub Controller more than smart thermostat with AER


It is clear that for policy to succeed in supporting these potential energy savings, it will need to be underpinned by a strong understanding of human behaviour. 

SEAI, Changing Energy Behaviour


Educating consumers and changing consumer behaviour has proven to be rather difficult. As a result, many earlier initiatives have failed.  As a matter of fact, new solutions such as smart thermostats have failed to provide evidence of actual energy savings.

Our solution.

In order to remove the need for the consumer behaviour change, we introduced an Automatic Energy Manager. To make it more attractive, we disguised it as smart thermostat. The device uses a technical solution called Automatic Energy Reduction (AER). The AER is what delivers the majority of energy savings. In other words, the device reduces the amount of boiler-on time that the consumer thought they required but did not actually require.

Hub Controller AER solution
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The Trial.

Thousands of households across Ireland applied to participate in the Trial. In order to incentivise them to share their energy consumption data, the homes that were selected to take part in the Trial received a free Hub Controller. 

Hub Controls saves money in Ireland using AER

Over the period 2017 to 2020, we conducted a Trial involving 800 households that use natural gas for heating. Firstly, we measured the household gas consumption over a minimum period of 365 days. This was later compared to the energy consumption in the year prior to Hub Controller installation. Finally, we compared this data with the energy usage of homes without the Hub Controller for the same period. Moreover, the overall design of the Trial was independently overseen and advised by Ulster University. Additionally, the data analysis and result of the Trial was subjected to econometric analysis by PMCA Economic Consultants.

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The Results.

The analysis of the trial data finally revealed a 25% saving of total natural gas usage in homes with a Hub Controller. 

Hub Controller AER trial proven savings

At the end of trial in 2020, metered data was independently analysed. After that, the report that shows the impact of Hub Controller on energy usage was published to SEAI. In short, the report shows that Hub Controller:

  • on average saves 25% of total natural gas usage per year or
  • reduces on average 34.7% in space heating energy use per year
  • this is equivalent to €274 on average per household per year 
  • reduces on average 0.9592 of CO2e in greenhouse gas emissions per year