How Switching Providers Can Save You Money

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Convenience is something we all like to embrace as it takes the pressure off and keeps yet another thing off our lengthy to do list. However, that convenience can cost us money in the long run especially when it comes to the dreaded life admin. Switching providers is one of those things we can either put on the long finger or forget about entirely as we settle into a routine with paying bills and ignoring the fact we may be paying out more than we need to be. Switching, however, is worth it!

Why switch?

Some people switch for better customer service or special rewards but the vast majority of us switch providers because it can save us money. And a little extra in our pocket is better than in theirs, right? We owe it to ourselves, to keep an eye on our service providers and their competitors to see who can save us money across a broad range of products.

Switching is not solely reserved for our energy partners but should be looked at for our mobile phone provider, home insurance, even our mortgage. It is worth looking into who can give us the best deal and slice a little off our yearly outgoings. We all use the vast majority of these products, after all. We all pay for them, but some of us are getting a better deal than others.

Biting the Bullet and Switching

It may seem daunting when it comes to switching providers for something we need and use every day. If something works well, don’t rock the boat. But that boat could be costing us more than our neighbours and we’re travelling on the same waters! Between all of the different providers, the varying tariffs and who offers the best service, it can seem like an intimidating task to switch especially when we’re comfortable. This is often the reason we say we’ll look into it another day and sure enough forget all about it.

When we do commit to switching, we can be left asking questions such as who has the best rate, the best customer service, how easy is the transition, and will I actually save money? Asking these questions can either give us great anxiety over the process or surprise us with just how easy it can be to switch and save money.

How to Switch

Price comparison websites can show the current tariffs and special offers available on varying utilities, making the process of switching a little easier. Alternatively, you can call up your current provider and ask about their new and discounted rates to see what they can offer you.

Remember, there should be no brand loyalty when it comes to providers. However, understanding their practices and what their customer services are like can help sway you in making a decision if switching is not all about saving money.

Switching Annually

One of the best money saving tips we can give you, is to keep those eyes peeled and don’t put off the big switch of changing providers, especially when you spot a better deal. Don’t delay. In fact, switch annually!

“Every year?” we hear you gasp. Why should we switch every year? It’s recommended that we switch providers every 12 months as our contract ends and that introductory deal which originally encouraged us to sign up in the first place disappears. Remember to be aware of the rate you will fall back onto when your initial deal is up.

But don’t stress! Switching couldn’t be easier these days as the vast majority is done online with a few clicks of the mouse and it really can be effortless. If the promise of savings is on the cards, we are all in.