How to Have an Eco-Friendly Holiday

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The impact of how we travel, where we holiday, and what we do when we get there has long been wrapped up in the conversation concerning the environmental impact our getaways can have on the planet. We are more conscious of the vast emissions, the waste, and what we can do to protect our world. The conversation has now tilted to how we can have an eco-friendly getaway with the idea of being a “green traveler” becoming more and more popular, even fashionable! 

How can we choose and enjoy an eco-friendly holiday that lessens our environmental impact? Easy, think like a Happy Hub, your favorite heating system, and be a planet saver!

Automatic Energy Reduction

Flights. Taxis. Ferries. Buses. The impact of our carbon footprint has exploded as the annual holiday hardly exists anymore. Given the opportunity, we no longer restrict ourselves to one getaway. We now take more holidays, more weekend trips, and plenty more flying visits. Carbon emissions have had a terrifying impact on the planet. Because of this, there is a rise in flight shame, as it’s considered to have the worst effect on the environment. 

Reducing our air miles does not mean no holiday though! Our very own back garden throughout Ireland offers a playground like no other with eco-friendly camping and glamping (glamorous camping!) sites popping up left, right, and center with a greater awareness of how even our staycations can affect our planet. Choosing to stay local means an automatic energy reduction as you explore your locality and all it has to offer. (Especially if you drive an electric car but that’s a discussion for another day)

Creature Comforts

We don’t have to give up on the luxuries or the comforts to have an Eco-Friendly Holiday. The yurts and glamping sites throughout Ireland will have you gazing up at the stars come the evening in absolute luxury. While you are guaranteed a sparkling display, you are almost always assured to have the facilities you are used to with an added green twist. From fresh farm eggs delivered to your tent door, and local produce available to guests, these eco-friendly hotspots ensure you dip into the local culture and appreciate the environment around you. 

Holiday Mode

And while we’re away, knowing we canceled the milk order and have our Happy Hub on Holiday mode we’re clocking up those green stars! Holiday mode is a great advantage of your Hub Controller – simply click activate on the system. (Find out more about the HubController and its features here) But the eco revolution has not only hit our homes with smart thermostats. You can spot the Happy Hub and other smart heating controls in the finest boutique hotels, eco-friendly cottages, and green B&Bs. So, when you travel you know we are all making a commitment to lessen our impact on the environment. 

There is no doubt that how we travel, and holiday is changing as slow tourism, eco-travel, and investing in rewilding becomes more commonplace not only throughout Ireland but globally. Trends may certainly divide tourists who have particular destinations, needs, and concerns in mind when traveling but wherever you go, adventure awaits!