Smart Heating Controls: 5 Ways to Make the Most of Summer!

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As soon as Summer rolls around and the sun peeks out (at least once a week), we can at least breathe a sigh of relief that our heating systems can be safely turned off for a while. This can make it easy to forget about our energy use altogether, not realising there are still plenty of ways to make use of your home hub, benefit from smart heating controls, conserve energy and prepare for the colder months, even while enjoying the sunshine. 

We’ve put together 5 tips to help you not only lower your energy bills during the summer but also better understand your own personal energy needs, so you can cut back on energy waste in a way that suits you!

Should Boilers be Forgotten During Summer?

The Irish weather might finally be pleasant enough to go for a walk in the park or (dare we say) enjoy the outdoors with friends and family. Whatever your summer plans might be, your central heating system is probably the very last thing on your mind. But wait… 

It’s Murphy’s law, a perfectly healthy boiler can sit unused all Summer long (sure it’s only resting!) just to break down right when it’s needed most: when Winter comes. Once you turn your thermostat back up, you could find your heating system is still on holiday!

1. Practice Smart Heating Controls

This is a surprisingly common problem, but it’s easily avoided. When you put your boiler through any long period of inactivity, it may seize up and cost you time, a comfortable night’s sleep, and a hefty call-out charge to fix! No thanks. 

For households whose boilers also heat water for showers or dishes, this should be enough to keep your system ready and raring to go whenever you want to warm up. If you don’t use your boiler for heating water, it’s highly recommended that you turn your boiler on once in a while to keep it active. Without adding much to your heating costs, this will ensure your heating system stays in good health throughout the year. Phew. 

2. Get Your Home Hub

If you’re part of the HubCommunity, not only will Automatic Energy Reduction management help you save money all year round, the great news is you can even control your boiler from anywhere (even on holiday), with the HubController App! During the winter months, this can stop pipes from freezing, but it can also give you peace of mind during that much-needed summer break. 

Imagine, keeping your system in tip-top shape and ready for winter, without having to time the heating to come on every day or heat the water you’ll never use (the horror!). Your HubController even has Holiday Mode to make life even easier; so you can wave goodbye to rainy Irish summers and unnecessary boiler repairs later on. Intrigued? Check out our blog Why is There Growing Demand for Smart Technology to learn more benefits of turning your house into a smart home hub.

3. Leave the Oven Open

Irish weather might not be the most predictable and we might not be relaxing on the beach every weekend. So it’s raining, the planned BBQ is on hiatus, and dinner’s in the oven. Sigh. While glaring out the window and wondering out loud whether it’s really cold enough in July to turn the heat on for a bit, the oven is busy creating a lot of heat. The simple habit of leaving your oven door open when dinner is done can be used any time of year and will allow the oven fan to stop functioning, better utilise the leftover energy to heat your kitchen! Even small energy savings add up over time, for your pocket and for the environment! Now that’s smart heating controls.

4. Be More Efficient with Water

We all understand how energy-saving it is to dry clothes on the line and give the dryer a summer holiday. But, did you know that a washing machine, on average, uses up to 50 liters of water to wash a single load of clothes? Why not try maximising your water and energy efficiency by using colour catching sheets to wash more fabrics together and wait until you have enough washing to run a full cycle, rather than wasting water, and money by doing lots of smaller loads.

Not to mention, the costs of heating all of this water can add up. In fact, nearly 90% of the energy your washing machine uses is to heat the water! Instead of relying on hot temperatures to get your clothes squeaky clean, why not treat stubborn stains with a pre-wash stain remover and choose a cooler setting. You’ll likely find colder water can still clean your clothes as effectively, with a lot less energy waste! 

5. Know Your Own Energy Use

Knowledge is key! To make energy-conscious decisions that will benefit your family, you need to consider your individual needs. For a large household with lots of washing, switching to an energy-efficient washing machine could be really beneficial. Likewise, if you have numerous electronics plugged in 24/7, investing in smart plugs could help eliminate a significant amount of ‘stand-by’ mode electricity waste. When trying to keep cool during those admittedly few heatwaves, a window screen can keep insects out while windows are open. By creating a natural cross breeze through your home, you can limit your need for fans and save a surprising amount of energy and money. 

Why not try it yourself? There are plenty of online appliance energy calculators to help you work out the KwH cost of your most loved appliances, so you can take back control of your energy use in a way that suits you best. 

Whatever tips you try out, being boiler aware, practicing smart heating controls, getting a happy home hub, or conserving water and electricity are all great ways to save money and be more environmentally mindful. Summer has indeed begun, and it’s almost time to get out and about and see each other again! Why not use this time to put your home in the best position to be cool and breezy or warm and cozy whenever you need it to be, without costing the earth! 

At Hub Controls, we’re here for our HubCommunity through every season.
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  1. Hi when can we expect the hub to work with Google assistant

    1. Hi Walter,
      Thank you for engaging with us here. I forwarded your question to our tech and product development teams, and they will take it from there and make plans for future development.

  2. Do I put my hub into holiday mode during the summer moths but I want to heat water

    1. Hi Mary
      Thank you for engaging with us here. If the Hub Controller controls your hot water, then you can turn down the radiators and keep using Hub Controller to heat your water. If you are using separate control or switch to control the hot water, the Hub Controller won’t interfere with hot water control and you can leave it switched off. I hope this gives some answers, and if you would have more questions, you can send us an email at support@hubcontrols.com Our support team will be happy to answer your questions