Home Energy: We’ve Got Switching Covered!

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We say it a lot, but at HubController our mission is to help our HubCommunity reduce more collective carbon emissions and save more on home energy bills than ever before! We believe progress is achieved by working together. No one should have to pay more for their energy than they have to. Especially for wasted energy! That’s not just bad for your wallet, it’s a death sentence for our planet. Obviously, we’re so proud that HubController is the first proven Automatic Energy Reduction Manager to reduce carbon emissions and save thousands of Irish households hundreds of euros on their heating bills, but that’s only part of the story. Let’s talk about switching.

Switching 101: Cheapest Electricity in Ireland, Anyone?

When it comes to saving money on your home energy bills, switching to the best tariff for your household is a no-brainer. But, does anyone really know where to get the cheapest energy deals in Ireland? Or better yet, how to get them? We’ve all had that headache of deciding whether to switch or not or worse… where to switch to! Switching is a minefield, it can seem easier to just stick with what you’ve got. But that’s the forgotten problem, failing to shop around actually costs much more money in the long run.

Like most things, with switching, there’s more than meets the eye. Too many of us rarely change utility providers, especially when finding the right information yourself seems like too much work, for barely any payoff. Here at Hub, we know heating and energy, it’s in our blood. So let us tell you why switching is always worth the trouble.

Is it Really Worth the Hassle?

Energy companies want you to switch to them because once you do, it’s very likely you’ll stick around, putting up with any incremental increases in costs (and sometimes not so incremental!) for a very long time!. Maybe you’ll blame yourself or your family members: the odd light left on, that time someone left the immersion on (my God, why!!!?) or how you should be ok with waking up cold in the winter and waiting for the house to heat up, sure what are jumpers even for!? 

Of course, sometimes we do make energy-wasting mistakes, no one’s perfect. The problem is, your energy company knows this too. All of those savings found in introductory year rates too often unravel once you reach years two, three, and beyond. The worst bit? Such price hikes on loyal customers cover the cost of enticing savings for new switches. Really, your money is best spent every time you switch suppliers. We’ve even said it before in our blog “How Switching providers can Save You Money”. So why aren’t we all doing it?

Why is Changing Supplier so Difficult?

The truth is, humans are creatures of habit. We’re risk avoiders rather than benefit seekers. Changing our energy supplier can seem like an unnecessary risk to take when we have plentiful electricity and gas or oil anyway and sure… rising costs are just par for the course. Right?

Plus, energy companies don’t want you to leave, so they make it as hard as humanly possible to do it. When is your contract coming up? They’re not going to tell you. Are you even allowed to switch right now? Who knows! Your supplier definitely isn’t going to divulge that relevant info. We’ll get into the nitty-gritty of switching obstacles and pitfalls in upcoming blogs, but needless to say, if you’re not switching, you’re probably paying more than you should!

Switching Made Easy! 

Don’t worry, we’re not all doom and gloom! At the happy Hub, we’re excited to be able to offer each member of our HubCommunity even more hands-on home energy-saving support than ever before with our brand new switching service!

HubController’s completely free switching service will be unbiased and most importantly, commission-free; so once you sign up you can get tailored,  unfiltered, and honest switching advice, including where to grab the best deal for you! Our Hub team has taken care of the leg work, so you and your HubController can get on with living happily ever after.

Save the Planet & Your Pocket?

It seems like these days, every healthy, ethical or environmentally conscious choice has a price tag attached. When it doesn’t, it’s usually about as much long-term value as those awesome eco-friendly paper straws. For most of us, the choice seems simple: save money OR save the environment. But that simply isn’t true. By joining the HubCommunity, you can and will contribute to community-level climate action, without spending a pretty penny (or worrying that your latest eco-friendly purchase was about as useful as a chocolate teapot). 

We know you want to make good choices, that’s what our new Switching feature is all about. While the HubController manages how much home heating energy you really need, our partner company will make sure you’re getting the best possible energy deal. Now that’s what we call a win-win! 

Check back soon for more info and why you’d be mad not to give our switching service a go! And if you haven’t already, sign up today to get your very own HubController and join the HubCommunity!