Empowering Low-Income Families: A Message from Oliver Hynes, Founder and CEO of Hub Controls

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Hub Controls Blog 03 27 2024

As the harsh weather persists, the pressing challenges faced by low-income families across the United States are becoming increasingly apparent. The burden of soaring energy prices has cast a shadow over the lives of many, particularly those already navigating the complexities of limited financial resources left from the freezing winter. Within this context, I am compelled to share the profound impact of our collective efforts at Hub Controls in addressing this critical issue.

The increasing strain of energy costs has prompted us to explore innovative solutions that can offer tangible relief to those in need. Our commitment to empowering low-income families has been a driving force behind the development of our intelligent home automation system. By using the most advanced intelligent technologies, we have created several practical solutions tailored to providing families with the tools to manage and optimize their energy usage, thereby alleviating the financial strain caused by excessive utility bills.

At Hub Controls, we firmly believe that technology should catalyze positive change, particularly in the lives of those facing economic hardships. By leveraging real-time insights and customizable controls, our system empowers families to take charge of their heating and energy usage, fostering a more efficient and cost-effective approach to home energy management.

Easily integrated into any residential home, our smart thermostats use millions of data points to accumulate and relay data to our HubBrain smart learning system. The HubBrain tracks a variety of key variables through the data provided and subsequently provides actionable data-driven insights to reduce energy consumption, automatically enacting a cost-saving scenario that adheres to the customizable parameters set by each individual user. Incorporating our technology, users can expect sizeable energy savings alongside other benefits, including:

  • Average savings of $64/month, a number far exceeding the $20/month cost to provide immediate ROI
  • HVAC costs reduced by 36%
  • A trial period of 60 days on properties; if the value is not proved at a minimum of 15%, all fitted HubControls devices are removed free of charge at the end of this period
  • Alignment with future governmental objectives of sustainable and responsible energy consumption

The plight of low-income families grappling with surging energy prices is a call to action for all of us. It reminds us of the imperative to support and empower those who are most vulnerable within our communities.

As we navigate the challenges posed by escalating energy costs, I urge you to join us in our pursuit of a more equitable and sustainable energy landscape. Together, let us stand in solidarity with low-income families, working towards a future where no household is left in the cold due to unmanageable energy expenses.

To learn more about HubControls and how we can help with economic hardships, contact us.