Energy Justice: Critical as We Confront the Climate Crisis

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HC Cost of Energy 11 07 2023

Frustration with economic strain and the ongoing climate crisis has expedited the introduction of myriad governmental policies, detailing ‘net-zero’ ambitions by promising a transition to clean energy sources and sustainable housing to increase energy efficiency. 

These promises have already presented themselves within the growing net-zero energy buildings market, reaching US$ 34.6 Billion in 2023 with an expected growth rate of 21.5% over the next eight years. Energy efficiency has also become a critical factor for homebuyers, with nine out of ten preferring to purchase a more expensive home with energy-efficient features over a more affordable home lacking these solutions.

Despite sizable expansions to the market, changes in popular opinion, and government policies incentivizing the switch to cleaner energy sources, the most considerable challenge during this transition is one that affects the most vulnerable: cost.

In the context of the climate crisis, government reforms and energy inflation have seen prices soar for everyone, placing especial strain on low-income households who spend a sizable proportion of their total revenue on electricity. Achieving energy justice and equity is critical to protecting local communities at the frontline of the changes. This means that, aside from innovative forms of carbon storage and the deployment of new energy technologies, the most cost-effective and efficient path to reducing emissions is streamlined energy management.

Here at Hub Controls, we recognize the necessity of safeguarding neglected and ostracized communities with increasingly limited access to energy and have developed our Hub Controller system to address this. Easily integrated into any commercial or residential building, our smart thermostats can be installed throughout to track energy usage, which is collected as data and provided to HubBrain.

A self-learning smart system, the HubBrain will continuously analyze the referred data to find actionable cost-saving scenarios that adhere to the users’ customizable parameters. These can be viewed through either our dashboard system or phone app alongside a variety of other data, including how much energy and cost the HubBrain has saved. Currently, our devices deliver average savings of 33% to consumers across over 12,000 successful installations working concurrently throughout Europe, Binghamton, and Buffalo. 

  • HVAC costs reduced by 36%
  • Average savings of $64/month, providing $44/month profit after the monthly cost to provide an immediate return on investment
  • A trial period consisting of 60 days on selected properties; during this period, if the value of our devices has not met the minimum 15%, all devices will be removed at our cost

While we battle to reach net-zero, protecting vulnerable communities by providing energy justice is integral. By refitting homes with our affordable devices, we can help the less privileged reduce their emissions while providing long-term savings that can be better attributed elsewhere.