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The only proven energy-saving smart thermostat that will give you control over your heating no matter where you are

The Verified solution to three global challenges

Unlock your savings with HubController! Experience a remarkable 36.63% reduction on your energy bill, translating to an impressive average annual savings of $769.59*.

Make a significant impact on the environment with HubController! By using our innovative solution, you can reduce carbon dioxide emissions by an impressive 1.2 tons per household annually.

Take control of your energy with HubController! Our cutting-edge solution saves you an impressive 5,345 kWh of energy per year. Join us on the path to a more efficient future.

Cost reduction

The HubController is the only smart device on the market proven to save on average 36.63% off your heating bills.
In other words, save up to $769 per year – every year!*

*Based on the average residential utility bill of $2,101 (per NYS Dept. of Public Service) and saving of 36.63% from the HubController system equals $769.69 which reduces the residential utility bill to $1,331.40

Proven savings

Independently verified study has found that the Hub Controller saves our customers an average of $769 off their energy bills each year per household.

Automatic savings

Our innovative Automatic Energy Reduction Technology does all the savings – you don’t have to do a thing! Each time you use your HVAC system, you’re saving money.

Future proof savings

The HubController delivers savings that are not related to energy providers – no matter the price of the oil or gas, you’ll still save 36.63% off your energy bills year after year!

Carbon reduction

Did you know that buildings in the US consume a staggering 75% of the nation’s electricity and 40% of its total energy, emitting 35% of the country’s carbon dioxide?

With the HubController, you can effortlessly reduce your carbon footprint by an average of 1.2 tons per household annually, without lifting a finger!

21,764 tCO

Total tCO2 reduced in Ireland since the introduction of the AER technology

Energy reduction

We’re proud to share that we conducted the largest-ever smart thermostat trial in Ireland. Over a span of three years, we collected real-time data every 160 seconds from more than 800 Irish households.Read more about our trial in Ireland.

Together, let’s overcome the challenges of retrofit costs and ignite a nation-wide passion for sustainable solutions.

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Remote control

Experience the next level of control with our complimentary mobile app. Enjoy the freedom to adjust temperatures remotely, create tailored schedules, and make informed decisions about your energy consumption, making comfort and savings a breeze.


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