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Once your HubController is installed, you’re not just taking control of your heating costs & energy usage, you’re becoming part of our ever growing HubCommunity!

As an Irish company, we take pride in offering friendly customer service and helpful tech support, but our HubCommunity is about much more!

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The HubCommunity is all about being there for our community. From keeping in touch, running competitions to finding ways to support worthy causes. We want to help our HubCommunity protect the planet, make everyday life easier and have spend less on household bills,
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Not just witty and insightful, the HubController monthly newsletter keeps our thousands strong HubCommunity in the loop about how much energy, carbon and money we’re all saving in real time! 

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Meanwhile, our News Page and insightful Blog will keep you up to date and offer handy tips and hacks for saving time, money and energy! We want to keep you in the know, so you can live your best energy efficient life.


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Who isn’t feeling social after the year we’ve had! If you want to get involved in the conversation about community climate action, check out our latest blog, have a quick chat with our tech support team or just stalk our wall for our regular competitions and giveaways
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PS: We’re constantly bringing out new features that can be added to your HubController and appreciate any and all feedback you have about how best to help you control your heating!