Changes to HubController Service


Over the past 4 years, we’ve been fortunate to offer the HubController to our customers at no direct cost. This was due to a collaboration with the Sustainable Energy Authority of Ireland (SEAI) to test HubController’s unique Automatic Energy Reduction (AER) algorithm.

During the trial, we monitored the energy usage of homes with a HubController for over 1 year. Next, we compared the energy usage of HubController versus homes without a HubController. Finally, we compared the same household’s energy consumption in the year prior to HubController installation.

The overall design of HubController’s automatic energy reduction trial was independently overseen and advised by Ulster University. Additionally, the data analysis and results of this research were subjected to econometric analysis by PMCA Economic Consultants. 

Finally, the research data was independently analysed by Fuinniv on behalf of SEAI to assess what the impact is on the median D2 dwelling in Ireland.

The results of the trial

In short, the median Irish household saves on:

Space heating usage

% per house per year

Energy usage

kWh per house per year

Energy bills

€ per house per year​

Carbon reduction

tCO2 per house per year​

Change to SEAI’s Energy Efficiency Obligation Scheme

As a result of the verification of the HubController’s savings, we received a unique energy credit under SEAI’s Energy Efficiency Obligation Scheme. The energy credit is what funded the initial cost of the device, installation and ongoing operating costs.

Going forward SEAI are changing the EEOS, moving away from single measures (even ones that are proven to reduce energy) in favour of deep retrofits. The deep retrofit of a home involves carrying out multiple energy upgrades all at once to achieve an improved building energy rating (BER). At a significant outlay of cost and time by the homeowner.

We are exploring options to maintain the credit but so far we’ve reached an impasse.

What does this mean for you?

Simply put, without the continued support of SEAI and the EEOS we are not in a position to maintain the operating costs of the Irish business. We’ve looked into every option possible and going forward there will be a monthly charge of €8.50. These prices will NOT be subject to change if you subscribe before 28th February 2023.

This charge is to maintain the operation of your HubController and we feel it is a fair amount as the cost is covered by its energy savings.

We hope you understand the reasons why we had to take this decision and we appreciate your continued support.

To continue enjoying the benefits of the HubController in 2023 please subscribe.

Lifetime warranty

In addition, the monthly charge will cover a no-quibble lifetime warranty.

Please read Terms of Service here.

Alternative payment methods


If you can not authenticate payment in Stripe, you can subscribe to a yearly subscription using your PayPal account. Click on the link below, type ‘€88.65’, and follow instructions. 

If you wish to set up monthly payments on PayPal please contact us at

Direct Debit

You can also send the yearly subscription amount ‘€88.65’ directly to our bank account: 

Name:          Hub Controls Ltd

IBAN:             IE71BOFI90134375316675

BIC:               BOFIIE2DXXX

Reference:   [use your email address here]

Cancel the HubController Service

Thank you for trying the HubController service. We’d love you to stick around, but we completely understand that this may not be the best option for you right now.
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