Smart Heating Controls: Designed to be Easy

Turn on your heating from anywhere

Wouldn’t it be nice to return to a home that’s warm and cozy?
Smart heating controls don’t have to be a headache to get used to! Our Happy Hub app is designed to be easy to use – you can turn on your heating from anywhere – and it’s just a tap away!

Just turn on Boost in your app, and your heating will be turned on for the next 60 minutes – no matter where you are!

Create Heating Schedules

With our easy-to-use Scheduler, you can create heating schedules that will turn on your heating precisely when you want it!

That way you won’t have to wake up in a cold bedroom – just create a heating event that will turn on your heating an hour before you wake up. Enjoy your morning routine without waiting for your home to heat up.

Automatic Energy Reduction Technology

The HubController cuts your energy wastage automatically with our AER Technology.

In order to prove that our AER reduces energy consumption and carbon emissions, we conducted a trial involving 800 households that use natural gas for heating. At the end of the trial in 2020, metered data was independently analysed, and in short, the report showed that the Hub Controller:

  • on average saves 25% of total natural gas usage per year or
  • reduces on average 36.63% in space heating energy use per year
  • this is equivalent to €534 on average per household per year
  • reduces on average 1.77 of CO2e in greenhouse gas emissions per year
Monitor you spend

With our spend feature, the HubController automatically tracks how much you’ve spent on your heating. You can check how much you spend today, this week or this month.

That way you can make sure you don’t spend more money than you are planning – and the best thing is that it’s extremely easy to use. Just check how much you’ve spent on the app and be on top of it with just one click!