Frequently Asked Questions

At HubController, we do our best to give you all the knowledge you need to take control of your home energy usage. On our FAQs page you can learn more about how the process works, find answers to our most frequently asked questions & even check out the real burning questions at the bottom!


Our Process.

  1. Find out straight away if your home qualifies for subsidised pricing when you sign up online
  2. Our friendly team will in touch within 24 hours to get any extra info we need sort out your free installation and answer any questions you have about the process.
  3. We’ll send you a confirmation email with important information and an estimated installation timescale for your area.
  4. One of our dedicated installation partners, will arrange an installation date directly with you;
    usually within 4 weeks (timescales in rural areas can vary).

The government subsidy is all about promoting energy saving initiatives, so the qualifying criteria have been set by the EEOS. and To find out if you can benefit from this subsidy, we just need ask some basic questions!

  • Was your house built before 2006?
    • Older homes were not built to be as energy efficient, so will benefit even more from the energy reduction HUBController provides. Awarding energy credits  for HUBController installation in homes older than 2006, helps the Irish government to meet it’s obligations to reduce carbon emissions and fight global warming under the Paris Climate Agreement.
  • Do you have Wi-Fi?
    • You’ll need wireless/broadband internet connection to connect your HubController to your phone!
  • Do you have an oil or gas boiler?
    • While the the HubController can work with any thermostat controlled central heating system, it does perform best with systems that run on either gas or oil.
  • Have you previously received a heating controls upgrade through the EEOS?
    • Sad perhaps, but fair. According to EEOS rules,  each household can only benefit from a subsided heating controls upgrade once.
  • What is the waiver form for? Once you’re happy that your HubController has been installed and is working correctly, you’ll be asked to sign an EEOS Energy Credits Waiver Form. This just means that HubControls can claim the energy credit credits on your behalf, having successfully provided you with the heating controls upgrade.

The HubController usually costs €380 to purchase upfront, but we also offer a €10 monthly subscription service for customers who would like the added benefits of ongoing maintenance.

All of our customers also have full access to our customer service/support teams, as well as, all software updates including any new features available for the HubController. Installation is free too, so there’s zero hassle getting set up.

Once the purchase payment is gone through we will send it to the installers who are working in your area the same day. They will then get in contact with you to arrange an installation.

We need you to have 3 things prepared for your installation. They are as follows:

  •  Have your MPRN number to hand (an 11 digit number found on your electric bill)
  •  Wi-Fi password to hand (so our installer can connect your HubController to internet)
  •  Download our app by searching for ‘the HUB Controller’ in your Google Play or App Store

Since the installer will be trying to reach you please make sure we have a correct phone number or they won’t be able to reach you!

Installation of the unit into your home normally takes about 20 minutes, including syncing your smartphone to the HubController!

If you ever have any issues with your HubController you can get in touch with us by email and we’ll get back to you as soon as humanly possible:

Customer service is a priority for us. With dedicated support teams contactable via phone or  social media, as well as, our expert engineers based all over the country, we work together to ensure you’re covered!


Your Frequently Asked Questions.

As an independent company we’re not linked to any particular energy supplier. So when you get your HUBController you don’t need to switch and your energy unit rates are not affected! The only difference to your home heating bill you’ll notice at all, is that we’ve proven it will go down by 36.63% on average!

The HubController only needs Wi-Fi to connect to your phone. It also has an easy to use touch screen on the unit itself, so you can always control your heating! Just because your Wi-Fi fails, that won’t stop you staying warm and making energy savings!

If you have a heating system that can control your heating at different temperatures in your house i.e. Upstairs & Downstairs or have multiple thermostats then you probably have a Multi-Zone system.

The Multi-Zone HubController solution is currently under development. By signing up today, you can make sure that you’re first in line for the new multi-zone Hub!

The HubController optimises your home heating with the help of a thermometer, so yes, it will pick up any external heat sources, take these into consideration and automatically adjust your central heating accordingly. Amazing right!?? We think so!

Important note: This is a very sensitive thermometer so we do need to make sure it’s at least 1.5 meters away from such heat sources.

As long as your boiler can heat water, the HubController can work with it. If you’re upgrading your boiler the plumber will have no problem integrating the unit with your new boiler.

The HubController can work on any heating system where you use a thermostat/timer to control your heating. There may be some issues with highly specialized or irregular heating systems but you can get in touch with us on and we can go through your setup with you.

As it is regulating your internal environment, the HubController does need to be inside your living space. If your heating controls are outside, we would need to install either additional cabling or a HubController with a wireless stat (which is currently in development). 

Don’t worry, if you don’t know your MPRN you can call your prepay energy provider and request it. Once you explain that it’s for an SEAI upgrade they’ll be happy to help.


The Real Burning Questions.

Thankfully, your HubController definitely can’t start turf fires. Maybe Peat might be able to help?
Be careful though, you could get bogged down in conversation for hours!


An Eskimo at heart? Living with a walking radiator?

The HubController is designed to help you find your true comfortable home environment.
So, Apps at the ready… and argue away!

With any luck, over time your energy usage will stop looking like the soap opera version of temperature wars, and more like a harmonious, energy saving oasis; without any of you having to think about it!

We can’t promise you’ll stop fighting over who’s turn it is to do the dishes though.

Not yet, but we’re working on it! The good news is that the HubController can be installed where your current heating controls are (which is usually out of reach of small fingers anyway).

Sadly, we can’t do anything about grown ups! But you do get a handy App to keep an eye on things from where ever you are. Phew.


Still Need to Know More?

If you have a question that’s not answered here, give us a call or reach out on Facebook or Twitter! Our friendly team are always happy to help.