Setup guide.

Follow these four simple steps to get started.

Step 1

Wifi Setup.

As soon as it’s installed, it will start by scanning for Wi-Fi networks. It will display all of the available networks and you just select yours.

Hub Controller wifi setup
Hub Controller wifi screen setup

Step 2

Insert your network details.

Found your network? Then enter your password to connect to the Internet. Don’t know your password? It’s usually under your router!

NOTE: If your network details change, you can easily update them by clicking Forget and then repeating the above steps.

Step 3

Download the app.

To get control of your heating from your phone, you’ll need to install the Hub Controller app. You can download it from the App Store or Google Play or just search for Hub Controller.
App Store
Google Play
Hub Controller heating app
Hub Controller pairing with the mobile app

Step 4

Pair the app with your smartphone.

  1. Tap MENU on Home screen.
  2. Select Pairing to generate a 7-digit code.
  3. Open the app on your mobile.
  4. Enter this code into the app.
  5. Voila! You’ve now got on the go control of your heating.

Job done. Happy Heating!

Hub Controls heating controls logo

How to use the HubController?

How to control the heating.

Control button toggles between on, off & boost.

  1. To turn the heating on, touch the button when it says BOOST.
  2. To turn the heating off, tap the button when it says ON.
  3. Finally, to boost it for an hour, tap the button when it says OFF.


NOTE: I’ll only come on if I’m below the set temperature point.

Hub Controller home screen setup
Hub Controls heating controls logo
Hub Controller smart temperature setup

How to change your temperature.

Tap the arrows on the thermometer to set the temperature to your liking or use the green slider.

Hub Controls heating controls logo

How to read the messages.​

From time to time, we will send you messages. To read the messages, follow these simple steps:

  1. Tap MENU on the home screen.
  2. Click the message icon.
  3. Read the useful messages.
Hub Controller messages setup