Happy install.

Worried you’ll have to dig new holes in your wall? It don’t have to be fitted with extra wires and the install takes only 10 minutes! Check out the installation video below

Hub Controls heating controls logo

How to fit me?

Step 1

You don’t want to electrocute yourself, so make sure to turn the power off!

HubController install step 1 turn off power
HubController install step 2 remove old thermostat

Step 2

Hopefully you’ve taken my advice from Step 1 onboard and you can now safely remove your current heating controls.

Step 3a

Two-Wire Install

Fit the base plate and connect the 2 wires to L and V1.

CAREFUL NOW: Connecting the wires incorrectly will damage the device.

HubController two wire install
HubController three wire install

Step 3b

Three-Wire Install

Fit the base plate. Connect L and V1 to the top 2 wire slots (see Step 3a) and the neutral wire to the bottom slot.

CAREFUL NOW: Connecting the wires incorrectly will damage the device.

Step 4

Tighten my base plate to your wall using my screws in the box. Don’t forget to use my washer to make sure I’m on the level.

HubController install step 4
HubController install step 5

Step 5

Align my display with the right side of the base plate. Then push my left side down until I click into place.

Step 6

Success! I’m now fully functioning and ready to go! I’ll start automatically so just follow my on-screen instructions to go to setup.

NOTE: If you have a programmer/timer, you will need to set it to constant on.

HubController step 6

Need more info?

Download the installation guide or go to the setup guide to find out how to pair the HubController with the smartphone.