Hub Controls and Four Square/TRE Partner to Launch HubLite™: Pioneering Affordable Energy Management for the US Market

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Hub Blog Foursquare TRE With HubLite 04 16 2024

Author: Oliver Hynes, Founder & CEO, Hub Controls

Earlier this month, we announced an exciting new chapter in the journey of Hub Controls as we partner with Four Square/TRE, a renowned manufacturer in the industry. As Founder and CEO of Hub Controls, our priorities have been set on finding a suitable partner to accompany us as we release and distribute our new innovation, the HubLite™. Together, we will bring this powerful new device to market, which is unlike any other connected thermostat available today.

Featuring a variety of easy installation and management features, the HubLite device offers a unique user experience that builds off the success of our previous HubPro. This move perfectly aligns with our mission to drive energy equity and reduce carbon emissions across the US. As global focus shifts to long-term emission reduction and vulnerable communities struggle to keep up with cost inflation, we can address many of our identified key concerns.

Easily installed into any pre-existing structure to provide autonomous energy management, the HubLite-connected thermostat provides a constant data stream to the HubBrain solution. With access to this dataflow, the HubBrain™ can identify myriad key scenarios where costs can be mitigated and subsequently take action to reduce energy consumption. 

International Journey

Relocating from Ireland to Binghamton, NY, in 2023, we have satisfied homeowners across Ireland and Europe by decreasing costly energy usage to heat and cool their homes. Currently, our HubPro thermometers installed throughout Europe and some states offer an array of benefits focused on reducing cost and risk for customers, including:

  • A trial period of 60 days on properties; if the value is not proved at a minimum of 15%, all fitted HubControls devices are removed free of charge at the end of this period
  • Average savings of $64/month, a number far exceeding the $20/month cost to provide immediate ROI
  • HVAC costs reduced by 36%

Noticing a significant opportunity in the US market to drive savings for low and middle-income multifamily households, we are excited to bring HubLite to focus on the specific needs of the US market. Designed, manufactured, and assembled in New York State, the new HubLite aims to alleviate households who have suffered from a lack of focus on technological updates to HVAC systems and where savings on energy costs are most significant to consumers, both tenants and landlords.

Our mission at Hub Controls is to address inequities in affordable energy access, save money, and reduce energy usage, especially for low-income communities. Through our partnership with NY-based Four Square/TRE, we are confident we can close the gap while reducing carbon emissions on the path to Net Zero by 2050 or sooner.

For more information, contact us @HubControls.