Hub Controls Partners with Greater Opportunities to Empower Energy Savings in Underserved Communities

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Industrial Innovation Hub PR Feature

Originally published on The Frontier Hub

Developed using the Internet of Things (IoT) and artificial intelligence (AI), SMART technology is currently providing the once technologically stagnant industrial sector with the ability to truly reap the benefits of digital transformation to its fullest potential. At every step, from design to assembly, even down to delivery, smart factories are helping revolutionize the manufacturing process.

Yet, SMART technology is not solely tied to the manufacturing industry, as new applications for the technology begin to permeate various sectors. Among all burgeoning SMART applications, SMART homes, which leverage home automation tools, have the most notable impact on consumers. These tools, which leverage AI and automated capabilities, allow homeowners to take a bigger role in achieving true energy equity.

Energy inequity is currently one of the biggest challenges that not only America but also the majority of the world is still working to solve. After an energy intensity improvement of 8% in the European Union in 2022, another exceptionally high year took place in 2023, with a 5% gain in progress, with the United States also posting a 4% improvement in 2023. Unfortunately, despite these efforts, energy efficiency remains low, with 66% of the primary energy used to create electricity being wasted.

This is where home automation technology can play a pivotal role, as it provides consumers with the tools necessary to optimize their energy use. Capabilities such as automated heating, power monitoring, and remote access give homeowners more control over their energy use than ever before. Currently, only about 11% of homes leverage home automation, but as the world continues to try to bridge the energy equity gap, the popularity of these tools will surely grow.                         

Beginning to flourish more greatly already, Hub Controls, the developer and provider of an award-winning automated personal energy management system, recently announced they have completed a successful pilot in Binghamton, New York, with Greater Opportunities, an individual and family services enterprise. Following the successful pilot, Hub Controls will deploy across all of the Greater Opportunities properties.

“Our pilot with Greater Opportunities is evidence that Low-to-Moderate Income communities can benefit greatly by simply installing Hub Controllers,” said Oliver Hynes, Founder of Hub Controls, which last year expanded to serve energy companies, building management companies, public housing organizations, and consumers in the United States, after years of success in Ireland.

“Greater Opportunities is both an inspiring and effective organization, and together, we will provide hundreds with a powerful tool that ensures optimal energy use and savings.”

The Hub Controls pilot program is designed to enable building owners and service providers with a no-cost, no-risk trial of the Hub Controller before committing to full-scale installation. Hub Controls bears 100% of the installation, service, and data management cost of the first 5 Hub Controllers.

“Energy can be extremely pricey, with electricity costs rising 32% over the past three years and natural gas a staggering 89% over the past five years. Hub Controls addresses this problem, making affordable energy more accessible and helping service providers, building owners, and residents by providing a system that is affordable, easy for service providers to install, and intuitive to use,” said Mark Silvanic, Chief Executive Officer of Greater Opportunities.

With Greater Opportunities, the trial was conducted over 90 days, in which pilot hubs were installed as replacement thermostats across various apartment units. The trial results indicated user savings of over 45 percent, a significant saving on the monthly heating bills. Hub Controls communicates the results and savings in real time through the Hub dashboard and app.

“Hub Controller is an example of a very accessible on-ramp to energy savings. It is a reliable and inexpensive system that is continually self-learning, so consumers simply set their basic parameters, and the system then monitors and adapts to the homeowner’s preferred comfort level to ensure energy is never wasted,” continued Silvanic.

Along with the successful pilot, Hub Controls was recently selected for Uptake Alliance’s inaugural startup cohort and is participating in its innovation program, which is designed to facilitate and propel startups to secure commercial agreements, boost revenue, assemble exceptional teams, and secure funding.

Launched in September 2023, Uptake Alliance aims to serve as the gateway to New York State for climate tech startups, facilitating their growth through valuable industry connections, strategic partnerships, and assistance in securing funding for the deployment of GHG-reducing technologies. The initiative, administered by ADL Ventures and supported by the New York State Energy Research and Development Authority (NYSERDA), is accessible to startups worldwide, serving as a centralized hub for climate tech entities interested in doing business in New York State.

“Hub Controls’ pilot marks a significant step in democratizing access to energy savings and advancing sustainability,” said Gillian Francis, Head of Partnerships at Uptake Alliance. “Their innovative approach not only fosters energy efficiency but also supports underserved communities in their pursuit of affordable energy solutions. We’re proud to partner with them as they drive toward an equitable, sustainable future. This program is a testament to the potential of technology in bridging the gap towards net zero goals, especially in low-income communities where the impact is most profound.”