I'm packed full of features.

+ I reduce your home energy bills
+ I work on all heating systems
+ Control on the go - I'm smartphone compatible

Happy benefits.

12 reasons to buy a Hub Controller.

Big bucks.

I reduce your home energy bills.
Happy days!

A perfect fit.

I'm happy to work on all heating systems.

On the go.

I'm smartphone compatible.

Save the date.

Let me organise your heating with my simple schedule.

Easy Peasy.

I'm happy to be set-up on any phone with any number of users. 

Beat the clock.

I can be installed in just 10 minutes, you’ve got to be happy
with that.

Under control.

I’m happy to be under your control with multiple Hubs and zones.

Fees Free.

My ongoing services are forever free.

Bon voyage.

Have a happy holiday and leave me to handle the heating.

Money talks.

I’ll pay for myself in 1 year, you’ve got to be happy with that.

Free upgrade.

To keep me happy at my work I will need a software upgrade. But its always free.

Tree hugger.

I reduce energy, which is good for a happy planet.