NOCO Energy and Hub Controls Partner to Make Energy More Accessible and Affordable in Upstate New York

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Concurrent with the rise of technology and the dawn of the digital age, numerous advanced global economies are actively pushing for electrification to decarbonize their transportation, heating, and industrial sectors, adding to the current worldwide burden of energy inefficiency.

While it can be felt on a global scale, energy inefficiency is a modern problem that plagues consumers on an individual scale, with roughly one in seven households having an average energy burden of 14 percent. Not only is this well above the three percent average for non-low-income households, but it’s also greater than the threshold of 10 percent, at which a household is considered energy-impoverished.

However, where technology creates a problem nowadays, it also often offers a solution. Many building owners and landlords of multi-tenant apartment buildings have found that the best way to combat the energy burden is through home automation technology.

With advantageous abilities, like the ability to set an energy schedule for future dates and times in advance and automated heating, power monitoring, and remote access through home automation tech, landlords can provide their tenants with the tools necessary to optimize their energy use.

Yet, only about 11% of homes leverage home automation. At Hub Controls, we’re not just supporting the use of home automation tech but making it easier than ever for landlords to adopt and implement the technology into their own buildings.

Home Automation in a New Area

At Hub Controls, we’re actively fighting in the war against energy inefficiency and inequity. We’re excited to announce a pilot program with NOCO Energy Corp. aimed at multi-tenant building owners looking to cut energy costs by minimizing waste in heating and cooling.

Our AER technology can ease the burden of energy inefficiency from tenants by intuiting a household’s preferences even more accurately than a human could. This makes it easy for consumers to save on energy, which is found to be, on average, 36.63 percent worth of savings, even if they forget to monitor their energy use themselves.

This marks Hub Control’s second pilot in the upstate New York area, having already completed a successful pilot in Binghamton, where the 90-day trial results indicated user savings of over 45 percent, a significant saving on the monthly heating bills.

Suppose you’re a landlord or manager of multi-tenant buildings. In that case, this is a first-come, first-served opportunity to save over 30% on energy use and enhance efficiency with cutting-edge technology. We have already made an impact and successfully deployed in thousands of buildings globally. It is looking to do the same in Buffalo.

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