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Saving energy might seem difficult and time consuming, but the Happy Hub is here to help. HubController customers save an average of €824 per year on their heating bills and have already reduced Ireland’s carbon footprint by a whopping 21,764 tonnes!

Preorder today to save money, while doing your part to slow climate change.

All from the comfort of your own couch!

*Based on an average savings of 5,345 kWh per household using a Gas unit rate of 14.62 c/kWh (VAT included) and Gas carbon tax rate of 0.808 c/kWh (VAT included)

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Free installation

Hassle-free installation and ongoing upgrades forever.

Savings guarantee

Save on average €137 per bi-monthly heating bill.

Free mobile app

Control your heating from anywhere. Even your bed.

Save the planet

Reduce more than a tonne of carbon per year.

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Preorder now!

Due to an incredible demand, the HubControllers are currently out of stock. Don’t worry, we are working on it! You can now preorder your HubController and be the first one to know when it’s back in stock.
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Savings as a Service

€10 per month

You get:
Hub Controller
Free installation
Savings Guarantee
Lifetime Warranty

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