Slash Your Winter Energy Bills with HubControls: The Smart Energy Management Solution

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HUB CONTROLS Public Housing for Blog 03 02 2024

Energy mismanagement exacerbated by a looming winter is again threatening to aggravate the intense cost inflation of energy prices even further during this period of economic uncertainty. During this winter, we have already witnessed a dramatic increase in domestic energy costs across the U.S. over the previous five years; natural gas prices have surged a distressing 81%, while electricity costs have also risen by a considerable 32% in the past three years.

This alarming trend has been accompanied by forecasts from the Energy Information Administration covering heating costs. According to their reports, average U.S. household expenditures on natural gas, heating oil, and electricity, which typically rise dramatically for the winter season, are expected to escalate even further.

For landlords, these ramping energy bills have instigated substantial financial pressures that are challenging to circumvent without access to the appropriate tools. Across the millions of homes in the U.S., a huge amount of energy is lost each day through mismanagement and ineffective utilization, largely through ‘vampiric devices’ that leak significant amounts of energy throughout the day. With homeowners continually purchasing new innovative devices on a day-to-day basis, this energy drain can become a hugely damaging variable for tenants and homeowners.

To circumvent these issues, we at HubControls have designed our award-winning automated energy reduction system to be easily integrated into residential and commercial buildings to minimize wastage and maximize energy efficiency. This system can be overlaid onto any building, offering three different methods of installation to replace or upgrade the defunct thermostats on the premises through either the HubPro, HubLite, or HubRelay.

Each of these thermostats will continually provide a cacophony of data to the HubBrain. This self-learning smart system aggregates the plethora of key variables supplied to it to identify possible cost-saving scenarios. According to the parameters set by the user, the HubBrain will then automatically optimize energy usage for systems across the home to deliver an average savings of 33% to consumers.

Through our proven management system, users are guaranteed a level of control and flexibility alongside considerable benefits, including:

  • HVAC costs were reduced by 36%
  • Minimum savings of 15%, an average $368 saving per year
  • These savings will be proven during the initial 60-day trial on properties

When confronted with installation, we offer a streamlined three-step approach accompanied by direct correspondence with the HubControls team. During the initial stage, we will discuss the proposed benefits and overall process with your team, respond to any questions, and propose the ideal location to trial the Hub System. After terms are agreed upon, you will join the 20 housing providers in NYS, CT & M.A. we are currently working with, and we will begin the installation. This phase will involve us installing our hubs at the chosen location for a trial period of 60 days. If your finance team agrees the savings are greater than 15%, we will train local installers on how to fit the hubs correctly at our own cost and install the remaining hubs across your properties.

After the initial setup, the Hub system will charge $20/month, timed with your billing cycles, while returning savings of $64/month on average to provide an immediately noticeable return on investment. 

With over 12,000 successful installations working concurrently across Europe, Binghamton, and Buffalo, we at HubControls are proud to provide innovative technology that is an affordable, data-driven, and intelligent option for alleviating unnecessary energy expenditure for property owners feeling the harsh bite from rising costs.