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Where can I find answers to common billing questions?

This topic contains resources to answer commonly-asked billing questions such as how to request an invoice, how to change credit card information, or how to change the billing address. 

How to log in to Payment portal?

Payments for the HubController products and services are managed by Stripe payment gateway. This page describes how to use Payment portal to view and download invoices for your Stripe account, change the invoice address, and add or remove invoice recipients. You must be the account owner to perform these tasks. 

To log in to the Payment portal:

  • Go to the Payment portal
  • Type in the email you’ve registered upon purchasing HubController
  • Check your email for a confirmation code 
  • Input that code where asked
Stripe payment portal
  • Your current plan

  • Payment method

  • Billing and shipping information

  • Invoice history

Here you can find the details of your current plan, payment method details, billing and shipping information and see invoice history.

How do I change my payment method?

You must be the account owner to perform these tasks. If you are not an account owner and you want to change your payment method, contact the account owner.

To change your payment method

  • Log in the Payment portal
  • Click Add payment method 
  • Add your card details
  • If you have Strong Customer Authentication, authorise the card in your bank’s app
  • If applicable, delete the previous payment method
Stripe payment method

Where do I change my billing information?

The Billing and/or shipping information on your account is the address you want to appear on your invoices and receipts. 

To change the billing address

  • Log in to the Payment portal
  • Click Update information
  • Change your Billing and/or Shipping address
  • Save your changes 
Billing information

Where can I see my invoices?

All account owners can view and download invoices for their Stripe account.

To view invoices

  • Log in the Payment portal
  • Select the invoice you want to view or download
  • Download the Invoice or Receipt in pdf format
Stripe invoice
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