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We recently partnered with Ucompare to get you the CHEAPEST gas and electricity deals in Ireland.

Save up to €814 per year

Hub Controller is already saving you €274 per year on average. We can now save you even more by switching your energy provider and save you an additional €540* per year.

*Based on CRU approved usage for Dual fuel 4,200kWh for electricity and 11,000kWh for Gas
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How it works?

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  1. Sign up to our Switch & Save service using the form below
  2. Our partner will send you the cheapest offers
  3. Choose the best offer and send the last meter reading and payment details
  4. Switch your gas and electricity provider
  5. After a year, when your new contract expires, we will find the best deal on the market and switch you again

Switch & Save service is completely free of charge for you and you can cancel anytime.

Happy to switch you!

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