The Climate Crisis.

The Climate Crisis is not only a real threat. It’s harsh reality.
Extreme weather events.
Rapidly melting ice caps. 
Rising sea levels.
Destruction of natural habitats.

Our planet is in trouble. We need climate action on a massive scale to halt global warming or there will be catastrophic implications for the environment that all life on earth relies on to survive.


Why so much talk about Carbon Emissions?

It might have a bad name, but the natural carbon cycle of CO2 release and absorption into the earth is vital to the continued balance of our life supporting ecosystem.

The problem is, we produce extreme excesses of carbon emissions and other greenhouse gasses through human activities.
These gasses trap radiation and heat in our atmosphere, provoking global warming.

Also partly due to massive deforestation: our trees, plants, and oceans combined can’t absorb enough CO2 to fix this disastrous imbalance.


How Climate Change Affects You

Give up the dream, global warming won’t turn Ireland into Ibiza! Our rain will become more unpredictable and some areas will become prone to flooding!

Most households already deal with higher carbon taxes and increasing energy prices.

Soon we can expect fundamental changes in home heating systems, higher transport taxes and tangible fuel poverty to plunge more families into debt and leave children and vulnerable
adults cold in winter.

We need Mass Action

We know what you’re thinking… but how can one person really help? It’s time to start working together. That’s why, at Hub Controller, we’re making real carbon reduction accessible to everyone. By saving energy, time and money, our HubCommunity are collectively fighting climate change on a scale never before seen in Ireland.


How HubController Helps

Ireland is certainly making progress, but sustainable change needs a monumental shift in community behaviour.

By joining our growing HubCommunity,
you will save 1.77 tonnes of CO2e emissions and on average €717 a year!

Alone, it might seem hard to make a difference, but together we can fight for a cleaner tomorrow.
Without sacrificing today.

Hub Controller home screen

More ways to do your part

Carbon calculator

Check out this carbon calculator & estimate your own carbon footprint. If you have a HubController subtract 1.77 tonnes of CO2e from your score straight away!

UN's Lazy Person's Guide to Saving the World​

Check out these handy at home tips from the United Nations that can make a big difference!

Do What You Can​

From ditching paper statements, unplugging at night, air drying clothes to freezing leftovers there are so many ways to save money, energy and reduce our environmental impact.

Want to learn more about the Climate Crisis, the HubController or just get more money and energy saving tips? Check out our dedicated Blog, or reach out to us on Facebook, Instagram or LinkedIn
Let us know what you think is most important for tackling climate change!