Automatic Energy Reduction:

We wanted to undertake the largest ever research of Automatic Energy Reduction (AER) in Ireland. So, From 2017 to 2020, we collaborated with the Sustainable Energy Authority of Ireland (SEAI) and collected real data from over 800 Irish households.

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How it Started?

The Burning Question: Can AER disguised as smart thermostat reduce energy consumption and carbon emissions?


The Challenge.

It is clear that for policy to succeed in supporting these potential energy savings, it will need to be underpinned by a strong understanding of human behaviour. 

SEAI, Changing Energy Behaviour

Helping households reduce energy waste through education and behaviour changes is actually pretty difficult. Unsurprisingly, many earlier energy saving initiatives failed to produce useful or long term results. Even the supposedly innovative solution of smart thermostats can’t provide evidence of actual energy savings over time.

Our Solution.

Why does it have to be so much effort to reduce  energy waste? This inspired us to create the HubController: your very own super smarty pants Automatic Energy Reduction Manager. For seamless integration into existing home heating systems, we designed the HubController to replace your existing smart (or not so smart) thermostat. 

Hub and mobile

How Does AER work?

Our AER technology is what delivers the majority of your energy savings by reducing the amount of boiler-on time through intuiting a households’ preferences even more accurately than a human! Then the HubController works in the background to keep your home comfortably warm, without needless energy waste in the process!


HubController Home Trial.

Of the thousands of homes across Ireland who applied to participated, those chosen were provided with a HubController in return for their commitment to record and share their energy consumption data for the duration of the study.


The trial included 800 households using natural gas for heating. We monitored the energy usage of homes with a HubController (an AER manager) disguised as smart thermostat over 1 year. Next, we compared the energy usage of HubController homes versus homes without a happy hub. Finally, we compared the same household’s energy consumption in the year prior to HubController installation.

Independent verification

The overall design of HubController’s automatic energy reduction trial was independently overseen and advised by Ulster University. Additionally, the data analysis and results of this research were subjected to econometric analysis by PMCA Economic Consultants.


The Results.

Analysis of the trial data revealed that automatic energy reduction really works, showing a whopping 25% saving of total natural gas usage in homes with a HubController!


The research metered data was independently analysed and the final report highlighting the impact that a HubController has on household energy usage has even been published by SEAI.

In short, the findings shows that HubController:

  • Saves an average 25% of total natural gas usage per year (34.7% in space heating energy use) and reduces an average of 0.9592 of CO2 greenhouse gas emissions per year.

  • This is about €274 in energy bill savings per household each year!

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