Why is There Growing Demand for Smart Technology

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There was a time when we would cringe at the idea of talking to the wall but these days Alexa can link up our entire home and all we have to do is talk to an empty room and she will do as we ask. Long gone are the days of clapping your hands to turn on and off the light switches. We have the ability to control so many aspects of our homes through the devices we plug in.

Our lighting, heating, appliances, security, entertainment and so much have gotten the smart tech makeover, making life more convenient and simply work better. So much so, that homes are now planned and constructed with the future in mind by including these smart features which can work together, creating a highly desirable home. But what makes smart technology so attractive?


As technology improves and ploughs ahead, out attitudes to technology swerve forward alongside it. We see technology and wonder, “How can this make my life easier?” We look for the convenience, the ease of use, and the speed. These days, most of us heavily rely on our smartphones. We find answers quickly, get directions, and stay connected so easily as technology provides the right tools. We now expect this convenience in many aspects of our lives. It’s no wonder we have sought out products to make our homes work more efficiently to match our lifestyles.

Smart technology offers an accessibility like never before. Life is literally managed by a flick of a switch, or a voice command as the case may be. The greater advances we make in smart technology, the more enhanced the market will become. Smart tech hits a specific need of the modern human which is adapting to a very efficient way of living.

Desire for Technology

Because of this inherent drive for convenience as new products come on board, we have become much more accepting of technology which leads our desire for smart tech. While there may remain some fears surrounding security and slight distrust of smart technology, there is a greater forward momentum towards technology driving the industry. With over 100 million Alexa devices alone sold and in use, it’s quite obvious just how well we have adapted to the gadgets which promise to provide the convenience we are looking for. In fact, many of us now rely on these tools every single day.

The Eco Home

Smart technology affords us energy savings, reduces waste, and can manage our water consumption. The greatest benefits of smart tech are the environmentally friendly features which help sustain not the only a home but the planet. As we all become more widely concerned with protecting the earth, we value the advances which smart tech has made in helping us to be greener.

The New Generation

The housing market is adapting and changing along with the demands of new homeowners. We are looking at a fresh generation of purchasers who have grown up with technology all around them. It makes sense that their personal evolution is tied so closely with the devices which are second nature to them. They look for the convenience and accessibility of devices in the home as they are a natural way of living for them. Retrospectively installing such gadgets is counterproductive for the housing market, so smart homes are on the increase to match the demand of the technology born generation.

Increased Worth

Smart homes are undeniably more expensive than a home without these considerations. The higher cost is justifiable as in the long term these devices will create greater savings in so many ways. As such. smart tech increases not only the cost of a house, but its demand as it becomes more desirable.

2 Responses

  1. Hi I’m delighted with the hub controller but I am very disappointed that it’s not compatible with Google Nest. I hope you intend to rectify this in the near future

    1. Hi Walter
      Thank you for engaging with us here. I am really happy to hear that you’re delighted with the HubController, and I forwarded this comment and your suggestion for integration with google home to our product development and tech team, and they will take it from there and make plans for future development.