Affordable energy for all.

Hub Controller helps companies and individuals understand how to save money and stay comfortable.
Through intelligent design, the system enables building owners, managers, and consumers to take control of their heating and cooling automatically, going way beyond phone-controlled temperature dials and manual scheduling.

Home energy bills are becoming a rising share of household budgets and are most acutely felt by the 30 million U.S. households who struggle each month to pay their utility bills.

Our goal is to reduce that burden by installing our Hub Controller system.

Our system is affordable, easy for service providers to install, and intuitive to use. The system is continually self-learning, so consumers simply set their basic parameters, and the system then monitors and adapts to the homeowners preferred comfort level to ensure energy is never wasted.

By focusing on the underserved low-income household market, we are proud to deliver energy, environmental, social, and financial impact.

The challenges we are addressing.

  • 67% of the energy we use in homes today is wasted.
  • Utility prices are surging.
  • 44% of United States residents spend almost 10% of their salary on energy.